5 reasons to trust an estate agent to sell your home

5 reasons to trust an estate agent to sell your home

You are planning to sell your property and you have doubts about the usefulness of an estate agent?

Not to mention the knowledge that a real estate agent has of the market or the regulations, you will be more serene to be accompanied in this process of sale. It also saves a lot of time and the estate agent will sell your property at the best price.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of working with an estate agent:

1) A fair evaluation of the selling price

A real estate agent can give you an objective value for your property.

Different criteria must be taken into account to estimate a property at the right price. The location, the surface area, the condition of the property or the state of demand are very important criteria for the valuation of your property.

The selling prices in the area or in your building are data accessible by the real estate agents. All this information allows us to provide you with a fair estimate to sell your property quickly.

2) Profesional services

A real estate agent masters and handles all the steps of the transaction and can answer your questions at any time. He prepares the real estate advertisement of your property and takes care of the advertisement on the different platforms.

Homestaging, professional photos, communication on social networks, are services that you can benefit from at no cost to maximize your chances of selling.

Profesional services
Profesional services

3) Disseminating your ad

Most potential buyers consult the real estate ads that circulate on specialized platforms on the Internet. Thanks to a real estate agent, your ad will appear on many platforms on which you could not appear as a private individual.

Your ad will have even more visibility since it will be displayed on the agency's website but also in the window. It is also possible to create flyers that highlight the sale of your property, which will then be distributed in targeted areas.

Of course, an estate agent has a file of buyers in his client portfolio. This will help to widen the field of potential buyers. Your ad will also be visible to other agencies, who may have a client for your property in their file.

Distribution Platforms

4) Managing contacts and future buyers

Putting your property up for sale requires a lot of time and availability. The estate agent will receive calls from potential buyers and organise visits.

He will also take care of the negotiation, which is a complex phase when you are not a real estate professional. The estate agent will also pass on to you any offers that may be of interest to you.

5) Secure transaction

The sale of your property will require numerous steps and the gathering of many documents. You will need to carry out several compulsory diagnoses which will form part of the sale file.

In terms of regulations, conditions of sale, withdrawal period or checking the solvency of clients, no one will be able to accompany you better than an estate agent.

Being accompanied by an estate agent guarantees that the sale will go smoothly and that there will be no unpleasant surprises at the notary's office.

Entrusting the sale of your home will free you from this mental burden and save you time. You will be more serene for this important step.

Our team would be delighted to assist you with your real estate project on the French Riviera.


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