The importance and impact of exposure on your home, a criterion to consider before buying your flat

The orientation of the house: an important criterion for buying a property

Although it is only one of several criteria, it is worthwhile to pay particular attention to the exposure of the house before buying your new property.

The best orientation for a main house

Of course, this will depend on the layout of the rooms in the house, and the layout will have to be adapted according to the needs and wishes for sunlight.

The orientation on allows to have an optimal sunning during the day and to benefit from the natural heat that the sun will bring. This orientation is ideal for a living room.

For bedrooms, it is preferable to have an eastern orientation if possible. The exposure to the sun will be weaker and of shorter duration, which will allow these rooms that we like to have cooler not to be overheated.

The northern orientation is the one that will receive the least amount of sun. This orientation is suitable for a kitchen or a bathroom for example, which will be easier to heat electrically from time to time.

For the west, this orientation is very appreciated for terraces or balconies, to enjoy the sunsets.

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It is important to note that orientation does not necessarily mean brightness. The brightness of the house depends on other criteria such as the surrounding environment and the windows in the room in question.

These remarks are also subjective as they will not suit everyone. For example, in the south of France, where the heat is very high during the summer season, homeowners tend to prefer a south-east or south-west orientation so as not to have to use the air conditioning too much. South-facing properties offer financial advantages in winter, but be careful not to lose them in summer.

The advantages of a southern orientation

An orientation with good light in the flat is very pleasant in everyday life. Moreover, scientifically, we need natural light to be healthy.

A significant advantage of a southern orientation and the warmth it brings is the reduction of energy costs. In fact, a study shows that a house exposed to the sun can reduce the heating bill by 10 to 30%.

Finally, a south-facing property will bring real value to your property in terms of price. It is estimated that there is a 10% premium for a property with a southern exposure, as opposed to a property with a northern exposure which loses 10%. This argument will be very useful when negotiating the price of your property.

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How can I be sure that I will like the orientation of my property?

We advise you to visit the property you wish to buy in the middle of the day, to see how much sunlight it gets. Similarly, you can ask your real estate agent for a return visit to see it at another time of day.

You can also use online tools to check the exposure of your property. For example, there is the Lumen tool, and on the "sun" icon, which will tell you all about the orientation of the property.

In real estate advertisements, you will often find the orientation mentioned. The orientation corresponds to the living area. This means that even with a mention of "due south", you can have rooms with a different orientation.

Solutions to misdirection

Fortunately, there are some solutions that can be used to compensate for exposure problems.
If it is a heat problem, for example, with south-facing rooms where it is far too hot, you can use screens on the windows to limit the incoming heat. If it is too cold in a room, you can use insulation work. Although these works represent a cost, they will allow you to make long-term savings on heating and will bring added value to your home.

To optimise the light in a living room, it may be useful to enlarge existing openings, with the necessary authorisations. We also advise you to have white walls with a refined decoration to have a brighter room.

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Finally, the orientation of the house is an important criterion for buying a property, although it is not the only one, and its importance differs from one buyer to another. It is the general feeling that will prevail in making your choice.


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