The sales file: the essential documents

The sales file: the essential documents

When buying a property, there are many documents to be provided by both the buyer and the seller.

When buying a property, there are many documents to be provided by both the buyer and the seller. This stage can seem very complex, which is why we are here to clarify the subject for you.

Essential documents

What are the documents that make up the sales file?

The signing of a compromis is the stage that commits the buyer to buy a property and the seller to sell. To do this, numerous documents are required so that the parties are fully aware of the details of the property and the transaction.

Of course, the mandatory documents differ from one deed of sale to another. The documents required will not be the same for a house, a flat or a piece of land.

Documents to be provided by the purchaser

The buyer must provide the notary with:

■ proof of identity, family situation and address
■ his method of financing
■ the purpose of the project

The seller's obligations

On the seller's side, the documents and obligations are not the same. He has a duty to inform the buyer.

He must also provide proof of identity, family situation and address.

Other elements to be provided before the promise to sell is signed are as follows:

■ the property deed ;
■ the property tax
■ documents relating to the works and alterations

Next, the technical diagnosis file must be compiled with a list of compulsory diagnoses to be carried out prior to the sale, a list that is constantly evolving. Here are some examples of diagnostics that must be carried out by a professional:

■ the energy performance diagnosis (DPE)
■ the lead exposure risk report
■ the asbestos condition
■ the state of the gas and electricity installation
■ condition of the non-collective sanitation installation
■ the parasitic condition relating to termites
■ the state of natural and technological risks
■ information on the presence of a risk of merula (fungus)
■ noise diagnosis

If it is a sale in co-ownership, you will need to provide all the documents relating to the property that you can find with the syndic.

The deed of sale: document sealing the transaction

The deed of sale is signed before the notary. This is the document that certifies the transaction and therefore the change of ownership. The notary checks that all the above-mentioned documents are in place. The deed of sale mentions the identity of the buyer and the seller.

The deed of sale is signed between 2 and 3 months after the signing of the compromis. This time interval allows the notary to carry out the necessary checks to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly, and allows the diagnostician to update the diagnostic file if necessary, and also gives the buyer time to obtain a mortgage.

This document contains the same information as the compromis. It also mentions the price of the transaction, the notary's or intermediary's fees, the characteristics of the loan, as well as all the information specific to the current transaction (cadastral references, etc).

Payment of the sale price and notary fees is made at the time of the deed of sale, unless otherwise stipulated. The keys can be handed over at the same time, or at another date that suits both parties. Of course, in the case of a sale of a property already rented, there will be no handing over of the keys but only a transfer of ownership with the tenant in place and transfer of the rental contract.

The file must be complete

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when you sign at the notary's office and for your own peace of mind, make sure you compile this file thoroughly. These documents are as useful for the buyer as for the seller.

Surround yourself with real estate professionals to help you put together this sales file perfectly.

It can take some time to complete the mandatory diagnostics, which is why having a real estate agent at your side is a considerable asset.

To put together a sales file efficiently, call on our team!

We will save you time and avoid the slightest mistake when signing at the notary's office.

Bonus: we are at your side during the signing of the deed of sale!

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